Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Expert Panel at Agile Experience

Last weekend, I spoke at the Agile Experience in Reston. It was a great conference, lots of interesting topics, and a different crowd than most technical conferences. Half the attendees were managers, and everyone was enthused about Agile development. The experience level with Agile was diverse too, so it was fun to get out-of-the-blue questions. My first talk was Real-World Agile, and I start that talk by soliciting the agenda from the crowd (I open up a text editor and make the group tell me what they want to talk about). That was great here because it let me understand the actual pain points for the attendees, and it makes for a more interesting presentation for me.

On Friday night, we had a wide-ranging expert panel discussion which ranged from methodology to soft skills to cultural fit. And it was recorded. Come hear me stereotype all Americans as assholes!

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