Thursday, July 13, 2006


For the past 8 years, end of September has meant a trip to Frankfurt au Main, speaking at the Entwickler Conference, the premiere developer's conference in Germany. This year it has grown an additional name (EuroDevCon) but it will always be EKON to me. EKON X will kick off the last week of September. This conference and I have sort of grown up together. It used to be primarily a Borland-tool focused conference, but they have expanded the offerings to encompass all different development platforms and tools. I started at this conference way back in 1998, talking about Delphi topics. This year, I talk about SOA, Productivity (based on The Productive Programmer book), and and Agile development in .NET. Over the years, I've gradually migrated from Delphi into Java and .NET stuff.

I've done this conference so many times, it's a natural part of the year. I look forward to this great conference and my good friends in Germany, who I see only once a year. Terry and I will also be running our 5th Berlin Marathon before the conference. The happy conjunction between EKON and Berlin Marathon is great. I'm looking forward to it!

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