Friday, July 21, 2006


I'm off to Portland, Oregon next week (my first ever trip to Oregon, so I can knock that off my travel map at World66), speaking at my first OSCON. I'm doing a talk on Building DSLs in Ruby, based on material that Jeremy, Joe, Zak, and I have produced for the Pragmatic Press book upon which we are working (slowly). I'm also signed up for some pre-conferecnce tutorials, including a 4 hour talk about VIM (I just had to see someone use VIM for 4 hours - I expect it to be quite impressive).

If you are in Portland, look me up. I speak on Thursday, and have some meetings on the other days, but mostly I'll be hanging around. A bunch of my No Fluff friends will also be there, so there may be some Magic games or even some Settlers of Catan.

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