Monday, March 14, 2005

No Fluff, Just Stuff Philly

Just got back from No Fluff, Just Stuff in Philly (my first NFJS of the year). I had a lot of talks this time (4 in Java, 4 in .NET), spread over 2 days. That was too bad because, as usual, there were a bunch of talks from other speakers that I really wanted to see. That's almost always the case.

No Fluff, Just Stuff attendees continue to surprise me with the level of discourse that occurs, both in the sessions and out. You are hard pressed to find someone to talk to that doesn't have something interesting to say. The expert panel was interesting (if for no other reason than to hear Ted Neward bicker with everyone). And the Birds of a Feather that I did with Scott Davis and Eitan Suez was also very interesting (we were supposed to just talk about Web Frameworks and User Interface stuff, but we ended up in a fascinating, wide ranging discussion covering outsourcing, certification, dynamic languages, and, oh yeah, web frameworks).

Fun stuff.

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