Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Favorite New Eclipse Plug-in

Generally, I'm at the mercy of the client as to which IDE I use for Java development. Consequently, I try to find tools in each IDE that replicate favorite features in my favorite IDE (currently IntelliJ). Right now, I'm working on a project in Eclipse (the 3.1 M5a version, which has pretty good Java 5 support and isn't too buggy). One of the features I miss the most is the "Go incrementally find this thing", where "this thing" is a class name, part of a class name, or even some special versions of a class name (for example, to find TuPopupMenuManager, you can search for TPMM and it will find it). IntelliJ has this, and, no matter how many times you whack the side of the monitor, Eclipse does not...

...Unless you install my favorite new plug-in, GotoFile. It does just what I want it to, just like IntelliJ. And it even has preferences. Works with any version of Eclipse back into the dim and distant past. And, it's the Eclipse feature I use most during the day.

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