Thursday, April 09, 2009

Real World Refactoring in NFJS the Magazine

Several people have asked me what ever happened to the NFJS Anthology book series (The NFJS Anthology, Volume 1 and The NFJS Anthology, Volume 2: What Every Software Developer Should Know. Both books contained essays built around some subject speakers were passionate about that year. Alas, the publishing business being what it is, there wasn't enough demand to justify continuing the series.

After much discussion, it was decided that the series would be more dynamic in magazine form rather than book form, which explains the formation of the NFJS the Magazine. This is a monthly publication written by NFJS speakers about something they are talking about this year, and of course something they are interested enough to speak and write about. Being in an magazine format makes it a bit easier to keep up to date, and the volume of material is higher because you get several articles a month.

I have a Real World Refactoring talk in the upcoming issue, based on my talk of the same name this year. If you go to a No Fluff, Just Stuff show, you get a free copy of the magazine, but anyone can subscribe

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FLOSS Solutions said...

Even a magazine in today's climate seems to be a bit antiquated. Given the subject matter, the authors' professions and the readers' demographics, it seems like a website would be a better option.