Monday, May 12, 2008

Agile IT! Experience

I'm speaking at the upcoming Agile IT! Experience, in Reston from June 26 through June 28. Most conferences focus on one attendee demographic: developers, business analysts, managers, CIO's (which entails much golfing and little conferencing). But projects must encompass a wide variety of roles, all of whom must work together. The upcoming Agile IT! conference breaks that mold. It caters to all members of the project ecosystem. That means that managers will rub elbows with developers, business analysts can chat with testers, and use the synergy of their experience to both understand how the other half lives and pick up valuable insights from other people that will make their work better.

I really like these kind of mixed conferences. Too often, conferences are too homogeneous. Getting a group of people together that have different perspectives always broadens the perspectives of everyone. This new conference blends several normally separate worlds, enriching all of them. I'm looking forward to IT!

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