Monday, February 11, 2008

Missing Family Member John Glasgow

picture of john glasgow My wife Candy's cousin John Glasgow is missing. John was last seen leaving his Little Rock, AR home Monday morning around 5:30 am, January 28, 2008. A cell phone ping later that day indicated that he was in the vicinity of Petit Jean Mountain. His car was found unlocked the next day at the Mather lodge on Petit Jean with valuables still inside. He is believed to have been wearing a green Marmot down jacket and khaki pants at the time of his disappearance.

His family and friends are asking for help in locating John. We are hoping that someone out there will see John's picture and read his story and come forward with information that can help us find him. Distressingly, official search efforts were called off 2 weeks ago on Friday, even though the family has mounted their own search. Please go to to see a picture of John and print off a flyer. If you could put it in your car window or some other visible place, it would help us a lot. It is possible that he could have traveled out of the area where he went missing, so we are trying to get the word out on a national level, to cover all possible scenarios.


CSmith said...

I was just wondering why you're calling John's wife Candy? John Glasgow's wifes name is Melinda and not Candy.

Neal Ford said...

MY wife is named Candy, not his. Understandable mistake.

r3 said...

I received an email from a John Glasgow in reference to a formal dress that I have listed on a site. He claimed that he is a cross dresser and that his interest was not a joke. I come from a long line of police officers and decided to run his name for safety precautions. I then came across the sites stating that he is a missing person.
He is requesting a meeting time to see the dress that I have posted. Would this be the same person? This was on Thursday in AZ.