Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ThoughtWorks DSL Podcast

ThoughtWorks is starting an interesting experiment: because there are so many passionate people here, it spills over to the outside world a lot. The only problem is that it mostly just spills onto the people who are standing near ThoughtWorkers when they start talking passionately about subjects that only software geeks get passionate about. To control the spillover, ThoughtWorks has started a series of podcasts, combining subjects and those who love to talk about them. First out of the gate: myself, Martin Fowler, Rebecca Parsons (the ThoughtWorks CTO), and Jay Fields, in a 2-part podcast about Domain Specific Languages. Part 1 is now live.


Ted M. Young said...

Podcasts aren't working -- every time I click on http://www.thoughtworks.com/what-we-say/podcasts.html, it opens up a new browser window to the same URL. :-(

Neal Ford said...

Yep, you're correct. I'll see what can be done about it.

Thanks for pointing this out.