Wednesday, November 21, 2007

JRuby Podcast on JavaWorld

My good friend Andy Glover interviewed me for a pod-cast for the Java World site recently, and it has magically appeared. Here is the site blurbage:

Neal Ford and Andrew Glover are both well respected Java developers, as well as big fans of Ruby. Neal FordIn this in-depth discussion, Ford talks about why he believes Ruby is the most powerful language you could be paid to program with today, and explains the particular benefits of programming with JRuby. Ford also reveals why he believes Java developers will continue to migrate to languages other than Java, even as many continue to call the Java platform home. This is an essential, engaging discussion for those interested in learning more about JRuby and the trend toward what Ford calls polyglot programming.

It was a lively conversation, and Andy asked me about lots of stuff I've been thinking about a lot lately. As in all good conversations, the time flew by, and before I knew it, the guy recording it was shutting us down.


Charles Oliver Nutter said...

Great podcast Neal. I blogged it in my tab sweep yesterday. Unlike most podcasts, I actually enjoyed listening to it.

And you quantified nicely a few amorphous thoughts I've had about why Groovy rubs me the wrong way. Different strokes for different folks, sure, but I just plain disagree with many decisions made for Groovy.

Chris said...

Neal, that was an excellent podcast. I've forwarded the MP3 to a few people that I've been trying to get to understand what you mean by Polyglot Programming.