Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Coming Soon...The Ajax Experience

Jay, the creator of No Fluff, Just Stuff, has started conducting single-topic, destination conferences. The first was last year, The Spring Experience, where he brought together the entire Spring universe in Florida for 3 days.

This year, he's doing it again with The Ajax Experience. This amazing show takes place in San Franciso, May 10 - 12th (the week before JavaOne). It features the entire Who's Who of Ajax luminaries (and some dim lights, like me). I'm going to talk about testing Ajax applications using Selenium. And that's no coincidence. Jay has tried to get the creators of each of the parts of the Ajax world together, and I'm talking about Selenium because it was created by ThoughtWorks. Check out the web site and come to San Francisco. It should be an amazing 3 days.

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