Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dependency Injection in Geronimo Part 1

IBM DeveloperWorks has posted the first of a two-part series on dependency injection in the Geronimo J2EE container. This article focuses on the mechanisms of DI and uses PicoContainer as the container. I did this to divorce the idea of DI from the particular implementation in Geronimo. One of the problems I see in concepts like DI revolves around how you learn it: the implementation from which you learn influences your perception of if forever. Many developers think that DI and the way Spring works are the same thing. By using the lightest weight container I could find (PicoContainer), I hope to show DI in as context-free an environment as possible. The next part of the article takes the concepts and injects (pun intended) them in to Geronimo.

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