Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chattanooga Choo Choo

I'm traveling north to Chattanooga, TN, tonight to speak at the
Chattanooga Java Users Group meeting. This is interesting because the
trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga takes me back through my home town of
Dalton, GA. I was contacted a few months by an alumni from Dalton
Junior College (where I got my associates degree is physics) who
recognized me from an article or something and asked me to speak at
CJUG. So, instead of getting on a plane to speak at a JUG, I'm driving
for 2 hours.

This will be an interesting blast from the past for me. Chattanooga is
only about 20 miles north of Dalton, so I spent a lot of time there
growing up. One of my summer jobs was in Chattanooga. And, it gives me
a chance to stop by and see family on the way back. Today will be a
misty, rose colored memories kind of day for me. Oh, and then I have
to talk about JavaServer Faces! A harsh plummet back to reality!

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