Monday, August 22, 2005

My Blog, in Korean

To satisfy overwhelming demand (OK, there is no such demand), Trustin Lee is translating some of my blog entries into Korean and posting them here. To quote:

I'm an Apache Committer who is still on the way of studying English. I'm trying to level-up my English skill translating great blog entries from great authors.

I think that's more than a bit generous, but I'm gladly supporting this effort because, hey, it isn't costing me anything and it spreads my meaningless opinions all over the world. What an unbeatable combination. Seriously, I appreciate the hard work Trusten is doing for this, and I hope that my dribbly writing is worth translating.

Now, I’m really interested to see if he translates this blog entry, creating a kind of recursive blog referencing stack overflow.


Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Trustin, not Trusten. :)

Anyways, I translate entries which contain 1) interesting point of view 2) and English expression I've never seen. So why don't you write something I have to look up ;)

Neal Ford said...

Now, you can see why I'm not qualified to translate my own stuff (not even in English)!

I've fixed this typo (sorry about that), and I'll endeavor to sprinkle obscure words, quotes, and other miasmatic effluvia into my prose.

Chris said...

Or even better sprinle words like phat, l337, and pr0n around for some lookup fun.

alexa18myra said...

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