Monday, May 23, 2005

Singapore Slung

After a long, brutal day of travel, I've made it to Singapore for the SDA.NET Conference, where I'm delivering 3 talks on .NET development on behalf of ThoughtWorks. Total travel time from Atlanta, from the door of my condo to the door of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore: 28 1/2 hours, 20 of that in the air. I saw 4 movies and slept through 2 more on the various flights. But, I'm here! And I have a nice view of the convention center from my hotel window. I hope to enjoy my first trip here to this beautiful, clean city. More details later!


Anonymous said...

Any good movies?

Neal Ford said...

I saw:
Spanglish - excellent movie, well up to James Brooks' caliber, and the only movie starring Adam Sandler that I could stand to see again
National Treasure - Big, dumb, loud action movie, very good for what it is
In Good Company - OK movie, very predictable, wouldn't watch it unless I was captive

Anonymous said...

Hi, Neal,

I attended your session about "Cean Up Your .Net Code". And in the session, I asked one question: (let me describe it again here):

I have Class A, B and C. B inherited from and C inherited from B. In A, B, C, there is virtual (override) method named f, now in c::f()'s implementation, how can I call A::f() directly(just like the c++ grammar A::f())?

If I can not call base.base.f(), can I achive this from dynamic invoke?

For example, first, I get the type of A, then get A's f method, the call type's invokemethod.

I am converting some other language code to c# code, if the class is written by me, there is no problem, just for I am converting, I must consider the generic cases. Wish you can advise me and reach me via


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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