Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Environmental Overcompensation

I travel a lot, and I've noticed a universal trend in places with inclement weather -- they always try to overcompensate for the temperature. For example, if you are in Houston in August and walk into a store, the air conditioning will have the temperature at 60 degrees. At first I thought what you are thinking now -- it just seems cooler because it is so hot outside. But, that's not the case -- I've looked at thermostats. Conversely, if you are in Grand Rapids in January and walk into a restaurant, it will be 90 degrees.

In each case, it seems that the people who live in weather-challenged places are trying to overcompensate. Almost like they are ashamed of the weather and they're trying to make it up by showing that they don't really like the ridiculous heat, they would rather shiver in July...

1 comment:

Chris said...

Well, in Houston you need the airconditioner set to 60 degrees to offset the damage done when it's 175 outside. :)