Monday, November 03, 2008

Voices That Matter: Crafting Software Conference

Voices that Matter conference logo Just a quick note to let my readers know that I'm speaking at the Voices That Matter: Crafting Software Conference coming up in San Francisco in early December. I'll be speaking on Real-world Refactoring, and I'll be doing a pre-conference tutorial called 10 Ways to Improve Your Code. This is based on material from The Productive Programmer and my 90 minute conference talk of the same name, but I'm expanding it to 3 hours. That shouldn't be hard because there's a lot of rich material there, and 90 minutes always made it hard for cramming in that much information Now, each topic can spread its wings more.

Of course, I don't mention every conference for which I'm speaking in my blog (otherwise, it'll be nothing but conference announcements). I bring this one up because you can get a discount: use CSNPKRA as the priority code when you register and, lo and behold, a discount! Don't ever say you never got anything of value from this blog!


Shane said...

Are you going to be at Code Mash again this year?

Neal Ford said...

It looks like I have a scheduling conflict this year for CodeMash (bummer, because I've been to all of them so far).

I'll plan to be back next year, tho...