Friday, August 18, 2006


When you work with a noxious technology enough, it eventually comes back to bite you. Call it software development karma. While I was at OSCON in Portland, the first hotel room where I was placed had massive problems connecting to the Internet. It was wired access, so there was something related to my room that was causing the problem. I endured several maintenance guys and several phone calls with the actual provider. You all know the drill intimately.

Anyway, at one point, it was declared "Fixed!", and I was instructed to point my faithful browser to the Internet. Lo and behold, Software Karma decreed that it was not to be. I got the following error, captured here in all its public glory.

pic of stack trace

Gaaaaaah! I now know waaaayyy more about their network infrastructure than I would like. They are using Tomcat and EJB' connect me to the Internet???!? I'm sure this is exactly the kind of application the EJB designers had in mind when they birthed this technology. Do we think that maybe this is total overkill? Couldn't the same be done with a simple web application backed by a database. Sigh. That's what I get for dabbling in evil -- sometimes it comes back to haunt you in the strangest places.

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